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[Download File]Audio Assault v1.2 WiN Dominator OSX Retail-SYNTHiC4TE ...

Audio Assault v1.2 WiN Dominator OSX Retail-SYNTHiC4TE
SYNTHiC4TE | August 20, 2017 | 267 MB.

Dominator is part of our series of amplifiers, each of which brings a team full guitar plugin easy to use! Dominator offers a range of tones inspired by a legendary high gain amplifier which is praised by guitarists of many genres! Combined with a flexible table pedals and effects loop as well as our virtual cabinet with optional infrared charger, Dominator makes it easy to create the perfect tone quickly!

Dominator uses an intuitive layout that mimics the familiar setting of most platforms guitar, making it a breeze to use at all skill levels! The top panel has a gate to reduce noise problems as well as Stomp, Amp, and Cab sections, followed by a linear output control.

Amp section
The heart and soul of Dominator is a monster two-channel high gain!
Dominator adopts default channel B, which includes parameters Gain, Bass, Mid, and Treble Presence.
A channel is activated using the “CH.B” button on the left. When the “CH.B” is dark, the channel A is active. When “CH.B” is lit, Channel B is active.
A channel provides parameters Gain, Bass, Mid, and Treble.
The control channel gain A can be used to switch between clean and distorted tones.
Turning the A channel gain below a value of 2, the cleaning circuit is activated.
Turning the channel gain A above a value of 2, the distortion circuit is activated.
The “ON” switch allows you to omit including the head amplifier Dominator, allowing you to use the Stomp or Cab sections if desired.
Each parameter in the Amp section can be automated, allowing customization and flexibility!

section Stomp
The Stomp section has 5 slots pedals, which lets you choose from any combination of the 10 guitar pedals including Dominator.
Loop optional FX allowed to place any pedal effects loop head amplifier Dominator, allowing the pedal to process the output signal Dominator instead of the input signal.
Each pedal in the Stomp section can be automated, allowing customization and flexibility!

including pedals
Boost: Adds a sharp increase in the signal, controlled with a single knob!
Screamer: Based on a legendary green overdrive pedal, Screamer can be used as a clean sharp increase or to add overdrive!
Compressor: A compressor 4 parameters designed to add sustain and attack the incoming signal, or to manage the dynamics of output when placed in the FX loop.
Distortion: A distortion unit two parameters that takes you from smooth overdrive to diffuse metal tones nasty!
Chorus: A monster that takes you anywhere modulation Classic Rock Nu Metal and everywhere in between! Including mixing button allows you to tune the right amount of effect!
Tremolo: Not just for the surf rock, this tremolo pedal movement and add contrast to your tone!
Doubler: Not only a slight delay, this bender divides the signal into two and reshapes one to create a double convincing effect!
Delay: A delay floppy can add depth and space to your tone!
Reverb: A simple but flexible unit reverb that is ideal for small spaces or emulate infinite hum.
Auto-Wah Wah pedal A character! Using the sensitivity control to switch between automatic and manual modes, and resonance control to choose the strength of the Wah effect! Moving the pedal forward and rearward will shift the pivot point in automatic mode, allowing you to manually run the Wah pedal using your mouse or a MIDI controller.

Cabin section
The cockpit section uses our technology to offer virtual cockpit feel and microdinámicos movements of a real speaker in a real room! Virtual cabinet section features a virtual microphone that can move to find the sweet spot and perfect their tone, and allows you to choose from 4 mic models and cabinet! HP and LP filters included help shape the output to fit perfectly into your mix. Use the Distance control to adjust the microphone close to the cabinet. The Cabinet menu also allows you to access the built-in IR loader Dominator, allowing you to use your own collection of IR within Dominator!

Microphones Included:
Dynamic 57: Based on that famous workhorse microphone! You know one!
Condenser T1: Based on a legendary large diaphragm condenser, this microphone offers a current median bite!
Tape 121: Based on a classic dynamic microphone tape, this microphone is well known for keeping the media quality in the bay!
Dynamic 421: Based on another study workhorse, the 421 offers a midrange bite without being too hard on the upper middle!

Cabins including:
British 4×12: Based on a legend that helped define rock and metal!
American 2×12: Based on a series of legendary amplifiers combined a name that started Rock & Roll.
Japanese 2×12: Based on a popular Japanese line cabinets offer a great background!
German 4×12: Based on a legendary German car in Rock & Metal beloved by his presence midrange!

IR cabinet
Selecting “IR Cabinet” will change the microphone switch to a selector infrared, allowing you to choose from 14 IR custom cabinet.
“IR Cabinet” removes the virtual cabinet.
The folder icon to the right allows you to access the folder where the IR included, allowing you to add your own collection of IR to the directory folder for use in Dominator.

Dominator is available in formats plug-in VST, VST3, AU, AAX and RTAS for Mac and Windows.

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