Arturia PIANO V2 - October 24, 2018

[Download File]  The Piano V offers not one but twelve different ...

The Piano V offers not one but twelve different world-class pianos that have developed meticulously using our modeling technology acclaimed by critics. Because they are models not only get a wide range of real pianos, but we also offer control over various components and features that have never before been able to access. You can touch pianos that are the pinnacle of realism or as radical as you want to be with unconventional sounds. The versatile Piano V is an indispensable basic tool for any keyboardist, writer or producer in any style of music.

The Piano V now brings to the collection V the king of all instruments, including a study full of faithful models of various pianos, plus the ability to shape the sounds of your piano for a whole new level of control.

The king of all keyboard instruments is now in V Collection
Now you can finally get the sound, the feel and ultra real behavior of a real piano with the same comfort as the rest of your V Collection.

While defend themselves after centuries, the piano is the undisputed king of keyboard instruments. V Piano brings you all the expressive qualities that made you love playing the piano first. Instead of using lots of samples, we modeled nine amazing pianos in the granular level of physical realism to offer you demand qualities, and in a wide variety of flavors piano to fit into any song or mix.

With its sound, playability and flexibility, the V Piano is an indispensable tool for all occasions.

Choose from legendary pianos
If you could have any piano sound you want … oh, wait … you do now!

There are so many different sonic personalities like pianos. No two are alike, even the same model from the same manufacturer. Different songs and different tracks also require specific qualities. Piano is why V offers a total of nine different instruments covering grands and uprights. Just choose the preset that best serves you at the time and ready. These models are also fully malleable, and go beyond that to modify the different components that make up the distinctive sound of each instrument, from small tweaks to extreme treatments. The possibilities are endless.

Main features


  • Advanced physical modeling engine (without static displays)
  • 9 different piano models to choose from
  • Grand concert
  • great intimate
  • Grand pop
  • Vertical jazz
  • Vertical Piano Bar
  • Vertical pop
  • Vertical classic
  • Glass Grand
  • large metal
  • Action customizable settings
  • Global string voltage (tuning)
  • Unison disunity
  • Stretch fit
  • dynamic range
  • hardness hammer
  • Hammer position
  • Editor velocity curves to match the keyboard action
  • Customizable mechanical noises
  • Pedal Noise
  • Key noise
  • hammer noise
  • Mechanics
  • Lid position
  • soundboard resonance
  • Multiple microphone positions
  • Microphone mixer
  • Convolution simulator rooms with 14 room types
  • Parametric EQ output
  • 35 factory presets
  • MIDI mapping easy to use

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