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Cyclic Panner
Invisible Limiter
Invisible Limiter G2
Stereo Imager D
Wave Shredder
Sakura Dither
tranQuilizr G2

AOM Total Bundle tranQuilizr G2 is an equalizer plugin employing fully configurable eight bands.

Eight bands configurable as peaking, shelving, baxandall, cutting.
Per-band channel setting: Stereo(LR), Left, Right, Mid and Side.
Band parameter covers from 1Hz to 50kHz center frequency, -24 to +24dB gain and 0.05 to 10 octave bandwidth.
Three equalizer types of different sound characters: Minimum-Phase, Maximum-Phase, Conventional.
Automatic Gain Compensation.
M/S balance adjustment.
Gain-Bandwidth interaction: Standard, Gentle, Focus, Hybrid.
Totally rewritten over-sampler. (our fourth generation engine)
Selectable Monitoring Channels: Stereo(LR), Left, Right, Mid and Side.
Multi-channel support.
Dual spectrum analyzers: Graph and Belt-Shaped.
Configurable mouse modifier key.

We have updated A.O.M. Audio Plugins to version 1.10.0.

New Plugin

tranQuilizr G2

Bug Fixes and workarounds

[All Plugins, Windows, VST3] Add a workaround to avoid problem that Samplitude fails to load project after plugin’s parameter count gets decreased.
[Invisible Limiter G2] K-weighting filter was unintentionally applied to main signal line when K-weighting setting is enabled. This bug was introduced in version 1.9.5. – fixed.

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