Ample Sound ABP2 - October 24, 2018

[Download File]Ample Bass P II aims to bring the Fender Precision Bass...

Ample Bass P II aims to bring the Fender Precision Bass sound to your studio. Rich Fingering Noise: more vivid and realistic. Each structure of Rhombic Cycle and Sampling – Separate sample cycle for each note and vel layer to improve sample utilization. Sustain, Palm Mute, Natural Harmonic, Hammer On & Pull Off, Legato Slide, Swipe in and out, Slapping, Jumping, Tapping, Accented, Staccato, Dead Note 14 joints, Legato in length and random and poly tone.

New technology: Auto Buzz system
Groovy bass line Single-Note
Alternative and lower tuner to B
Capo Logic – Intelligent game according to the rules of the bass.
CPC (Custom parameter control), any button, etc., can be controlled by MIDI CC or
Poly Legato Automation
gliding Combined key combinations: combines 2 joints by pressing 2 keys at the same time
Open first chain function
Manual vibrato wheel designed specifically for string instruments
Capo – Transpose without the need to modify midi.



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