Amadeus Pro 2.6.1 (2196)2.0.0 - September 12, 2019

[Download File]Amadeus Pro 2.6.1 (2196) | macOS | 21 mb   Amadeus...

Amadeus Pro 2.6.1 (2196) | macOS | 21 mb


Amadeus Pro 2.6.1 (2196) lets you use your Mac for any audio-related task, such as live audio recording, digitizing tapes and records, converting between a variety of sound formats, etc. Thanks to its outstanding direct-to-disk abilities and waveform caching, edits on arbitrarily large sounds (even beyond the usual 2GB limit) are performed at lightning speed.



Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit




Previous version

  • Simple and elegant OS X-like user interface
  • Multitrack editing an recording.
  • Batch processing and conversion.
  • Sound denoising and repairing.
  • Supports a variety of sound formats, including AIFF, Multichannel Wave, MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, SoundDesigner II, QuickTime, Apple CAF, etc.
  • Support for VST and Audio Unit plug-ins.
  • A “favourite actions” palette allows to have your most commonly used effects only a mouse click away.
  • A wide range of powerful audio analysis tools.
  • Audio CDs with CD-TEXT data can be burned directly from within Amadeus Pro.

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