All Docs - November 1, 2018

All Docs 1.4.1 | Mac OS X | 3.1 MB. All Docs is a magical......

All Docs 1.4.1 | Mac OS X | 3.1 MB.

All Docs is a magical and easy to use application that will help you create Microsoft Office documents in OneDrive 365 on your Mac.

– Create documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
– Synchronize documents in the Documents folder on OneDrive locally.
– Keep a record of all changes online document and automatically update local.
– Calendar and manage Outlook email.
– Browse free online templates to create beautiful documents. – Create and print custom labels and PDFs.
– Working with documents while on the move.
– Easily share your documents with friends and colleagues.
– Enjoy the freedom that comes with online editing and mobile.
– Just upload your files on OneDrive for editing everywhere.
– Save your favorite documents online to work with other applications and devices
– Add graphics, images, animations and effects.
– And much more……


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