Acon Digital Equalize - October 24, 2018

Acon Digital Equalize is a plug-in parametric equalizer that combines ...

Acon Digital Equalize is a plug-in parametric equalizer that combines unique features with an excellent workflow and intuitive user interface. Unlike other equalizers, you can freely adjust not only the center frequency, gain and bandwidth, but also the filter slope for each band. The slope of the filter can be set anywhere from 3 dB to ultra-sharp 120 dB per octave. Needless to say that you can use Equalize as a plug-in zero latency when using minimum phase mode or choose to preserve the phase relationships in the phase linear mode. However, Equalize goes a step further and introduces exclusively mixed phase that allows you to set the latency freely in the range of 5 to 120 milliseconds, while it is preserving the phase relationships as far as possible. That gives one control over potential artifacts preanguido, which is a common problem with linear phase filtering. Latency values ​​below 20 milliseconds ensure that any previous sound is masked by the temporal masking of human hearing while the time alignment is preserved throughout the audible frequency range.

It has taken great care to provide a user interface that is simple to use. The parameters of the band can be adjusted using the controls directly on the graphical representation of the frequency response, including bandwidths and filter slopes. A flexible real-time analyzer lets you control all aspects of processing. You can easily switch between full processing, middle, side, left or right channels for each band and Equalize automatically routes the audio signal internally to ensure the best results and the lowest possible latency.

Equalize the new version includes two new types of filters: bandpass tilt. Now it offers a total of eight different types of filter. As previously available filters, filters and bandpass tilt offer outstanding unique continuously adjustable filter in the range of 3 to 120 dB per octave.

The frequency range of the equalization curve can now conveniently changed by dragging the edges of the frequency axis or moving by clicking and dragging the center. This makes it possible to extend the specific frequency ranges for precise control. A new preference page offers user settings such as resolution of the analyzer and the language of the user interface. Another new feature is the optional screen piano keyboard on the frequency axis. Band frequencies can be easily configured to match the frequency of a tone by clicking on the piano keyboard key.


  • Eight different types of filters band: low-cut, low-shelf, peak, slope, band pass, notch, high shelf and high cut
  • Up to twelve independent bands
  • freely adjustable gain, frequency, bandwidth, resonance filter slope
  • Three different phase modes, including the new mixed phase mode with adjustable latency
  • Select the channel mode for each band independently (middle, side, left, right or full processing)
  • Two new types of filters: bandpass tilt
  • Adjustable frequency range in the equalizer curves editor
  • Screen piano keyboard optional
  • Compatibility with Pro Tools EUCON controller and full HW
  • New page preferences spectrum analyzer, tooltips, language and piano roll settings
  • Spectrum analyzer tilt adjustable frequency

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