Acon Digital DeVerberate - October 24, 2018

[Download File]  DeVerberate complements reverberation reduction ...

DeVerberate complements reverberation reduction can diminish or increase the reverberation that is already present in the recorded material. The novel real-time algorithm works equally well with both mono and stereo recordings and divides the incoming audio on an estimate of the direct sound and reverberated sound can then recombine freely. The improvement process is monitored visually using spectral representations of the input and output signal and the estimated reverberation.

DeVerberate 2 presents a unique new filter early reflections that works together with the last reverberation suppression found in version 1. Filter early reflections uses sophisticated statistical methods to estimate the impulse response called early reflections. The impulse response is used to calculate an inverse filter that cancels the effect of early reflections.




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